When there are things husbands wish their wives knew about sex, there are also things wives wish their husbands new about it. Everybody does have something to say to someone.

Wives also want to dominate the bed.

Just like husbands, wives also want to dominate the bed and take control. They also have sexual fantasies they want to do to their husbands. Telling them what to do and what position to make is already boring. They sometimes want to take over the scenario and play with their little naughty minds.


Wives do not want to be rejected.

If husbands feel bad when rejected, wives feel the same way too, even worst. Women are too emotional, especially in times when they are about to hit their periods. Women are sexually active when they are about to have their periods. It is natural. Husbands should be aware of these clingy and crazy days.



Compliment their performance.

Wives know it when they are not good in blow jobs, or other sex position. Though they are not good at it, husbands should at least try to compliment their effort. They are not playing with your body, they are actually putting a lot of effort just to make you satisfied. A little words like, “You’re so good!” will do.



Women orgasm easily than men.

Husbands should know that women orgasm easily than men. There are times that men get so long before coming out. The result, women are already exhausted and aching from within but still want to satisfy their husbands.



Women can easily drive their libido back.

After a short break, women can easily regain their libido compared to men, so they should be surprised if after a long steamy sex their wives are still asking for another round.





Wives also want their husbands to be fully groomed before sex.

If husbands want their wives to look beautiful, sexy, and smells arousing, this also goes to women. They also want their husband to at least smell fresh and in shape before having sex with her.




Things on bed shouldn’t be always fast.

Wives want passionate sex unlike what you were seeing in porno movies. Don’t just jump over them, take out your penis, insert it on her vagina and done. Take things slowly and passionately. Make them feel that you love every inch and hair of their body. Don’t make them feel like you two are in a raise for orgasm. Again, take things slowly and passionately.



Make an effort.

Making an effort before having sex with your wife will lure her to your dare. Have a bottle of wine, prepare her a nice bathtub, shower your bed with petals, and so on. This simple gesture can create a big impact on her sexual mood.



Don’t insist on wearing a condom.

Unless you are in a family planning, but insisting that you must wear a condom before sex will only make her feel like you are concerned about your health, and that she is unhealthy. There is no sense in wearing condom if you are confident about her.

9 Things Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Sex

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